Mindful Meditation Immersion-

Event: Mindful Meditation Immersion
Continuing Education:Weekly Livestream from YM.Com
Date: January 8, 2023
Time: 1-4pm
Price: $165.00

Dennis will be teaching the core aspects of the Mindful Meditation and its supporting practice of the Metta Meditation or also known as the Loving Kindness Meditation again, as he has done for many years now. This time though, we will be learning & practicing on our private estate shala without the distractions of the public's intrusion & the busyness of everyday life.  

The Immersion will include all the necessary tools to proceed with a daily practice of the Mindful Meditation. He will provide insight into perceptions that commonly occur while practicing and how they are often reflected in everyday life. Comments on  somatic principles with psychology, pain management, nutrition and an introduction to energy awareness via the yogic philosophy will also be presented.

To help facilitate a comfortable, knowledgeable experience he will be also integrating his classic, subtle body awareness with movement. This will be presented in the form of myofascial release, classic restorative yoga posturing, gentle asana vinyasa & a few restorative Mandiram Ropewall postures. 

Curriculum is as follows:

Each Hour:
Discourse(s) (15-20 Mins approx.)
Meditation (10-15 Mins)
Mindful Movement & release (15 Mins)
Rest Break (10-15 min) …

Included in the Immerion: 5 Hrs. In Person Teachings, (1) Workbook/journal.
Weekly Lead Mindful Meditation Live Streaming. 

All past participants in the Mindful Meditation Immersions are always invited to participate, for free in any future Mindful Meditation Immersions.

As a past student please let us know if you are planning in attending the upcoming mindful meditation immersion.

 Note: Those of you that are have not been to the Yoga Mandiram & would like to participate in a event or class please click here to register.
We are a private studio on private land in North County.