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    April 16, 2024 2 min read

    As I reflect back upon the April 8th Full Moon eclipse I can't help remembering all the Full Moon Mindful Meditation Hikes that we have facilitated over the years.

    I also find myself reflecting upon many of the other awe inspiring moments I've witnessed over the years-

    Gazing down early morning inner city London streets in my twenties or deep in Death Valley spending the night alone up on Dumont Dunes in my teens, India, North & South America in my thirties and my upcoming trip next month to Mallorca, Spain in my 60's. 

    I learned this from my parents. Watching them from a distance standing, looking, not moving, just enraptured by the prana of the moment.

    I remember in the late 1960's, early in the morning,  escaping our babysitter's wonder bread, butter and sugar sandwiches, by running, to the amazement of my brother and sister, out the front door, only to find myself standing in the middle of a very long L.A. Culver City street with a bright red/orange sun rising at the end. Bigger than anything I had seen in my life.
    I distinctly remember thinking, Where Am I? What Is This Place I Live In?

    I was probably 6 years old. And I still ask myself the same questions. Though the answers are different these days…for a few moments.

    As the next Full Moon approaches, it does not just bring light; it brings with it a reminder of continuity and the cyclical nature of life. The Full Moon has been a timekeeper for ancient civilizations, a guide for agricultural cycles, and a beacon for maritime navigators. Its consistent cycle is a comforting reminder in our often chaotic lives, providing a sense of stability and predictability.

    Yes, the full moon is a time for reflection, a bright mirror reflecting our own essence back to us.

    It urges us to look deeper into our lives, encouraging introspection and self-evaluation. Just as the moon phases from new to full, it symbolizes the idea of growth and completeness, mirroring our own journey toward self-fulfillment and understanding.

    The need for connection—be it interpersonal, with nature, or with the broader universe—is a fundamental human trait. Celestial events like the full moon and lunar eclipses serve as focal points for communal activities. 

    They prompt gatherings, celebrations, and rituals, fostering a sense of community and shared human experience. In this digital age, where isolation and disconnection are rampant, such moments remind us of the importance of direct, tangible interactions.

    In essence, these celestial events are not just astronomical occurrences; I feel they are cultural phenomena that reinforce our human need to connect, to belong, and to understand our place within the greater context of the universe. 

    As we prepare for our next Full Moon Mindful Meditation Hike, let it be a reminder to reach out, to explore, and to engage with our world and each other. 

    Embracing these moments can help bridge the gaps between us, revealing that perhaps, under the vast sky, we are not so different after all.

    Join us this coming April 20th, for yet another incredible Full Moon Mindful Meditation Walk.