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    January 26, 1995 1 min read

    Titibasana- Flying into Sex

    This photo has an interesting story behind it...two young girls kept coming to my class in the late 90's and sitting right up front. I remember them well, bright red hair, freckles all over, athletic and huge smiles.

    After class one day they told me that they were coming because they wanted to learn a posture called "flying into sex." I said, "what posture is that"? They showed me this picture which had been passed around quite a bit by then and said, "this posture!"

    I was a little nervous for a moment thinking that their parents were probably out in the lobby wanting to meet this yoga teacher who was teaching their daughters a posture called "flying into sex." Then I realized it was probably more likely that their parents wanted to join the class themselves and were sending their daughters in to check it out first!

    They were extremely disappointed when I told them the true name of the posture is "flying insects." Needless to say, we still call it "flying into sex" to this day. I guess we all really do hear what we want to hear.

    Photo Credit: Cathleen Murakami "Cat" 1995

    P.S. This posture is practiced in the second series of the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Series, Nadi Shodhana.