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Jutta Hecht: Continuing Education Series

FLOW: Establish FLOW in your daily life! 
Release Anxiety, Stress, Tension & Trauma through Ayurveda & TRE
3 Part Continuing Education Deep Dive Series
Saturday September 24, October 15 & November 19, 2022 11:30 to 1:30 pm

You will feel an immediate shift after these small group sessions! 

What are the benefits of TRE? 
• Reduced anxiety, overwhelm and worry 
• More sustained, vibrant energy and aliveness 
• Better sleep 
• Reduced muscle and back pain 
• More flexibility and strength in the body 
• Less triggers, hence better relationship with partners and friends 
• Reduces symptoms of PTSD and trauma 
• Increase in emotional resilience and stability 

What to bring: 
Wear comfortable clothes, a yoga mat & water bottle