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    Jutta Hecht

    FLOW: Establish FLOW in your daily life! 

    Release Anxiety, Stress, Tension & Trauma through Ayurveda & TRE
    You will feel an immediate shift after this small group workshop! 
    FLOW is natural. FLOW is movement and circulation. Our bodies have natural reflexes (urges/vayus) which need to be expressed. 
    This will keep our bodies and minds healthy and facilitate a natural detoxification. 
    Ayurveda teaches us that with proper flow, harmony is established, which brings rejuvenation, calm, joy and health.
     A state of complete physical, mental and emotional well-being. When flow becomes disturbed or constricted, irritations, inflammation, tension, and anxiety arise. 
    Vata is the element predominantly of air and ether, and is responsible for good flow. Vata moves our Prana, our breath, our life force. It also nourishes and expels what does not nourish us. 
    In this informative and practical afternoon workshop we will explore what we suppress, ignore, or override and how this might affect our health, nervous system, and emotions. 
    Due to our modern lifestyle, our ‘natural flow awareness’ is often lost. 
    We will talk about the wisdom of Ayurveda and how we all can integrate these natural flows into our daily lives. 
    The second part of the afternoon will consist of TRE practice. 
    TRE is a very effective and safe method for Tension, Stress & Trauma Release. 
    This empowering method was created over 30 years ago by Dr.David Berceli, Phd., an international expert in the area of trauma intervention and conflict resolution comprising a worldwide network. Specific and safe movements release stored tension, stress, stagnation, and the neurobiological effects of trauma from the body. 
    This will establish proper FLOW and pacify Vata, by working with the body’s innate wisdom. 
    What is Trauma? 
    Often people think that trauma is caused by a traumatic event such as an accident, being in a war zone, or a sexual/physical/emotional assault. These are certainly types of situations that can result in trauma. 
    Trauma also can happen in many other subtle ways in our daily lives, accumulating over time and disturbing Vata and FLOW. 
    Who can benefit from this workshop? 
    Anyone and everyone who feels overwhelmed by the daily stress of life, and wants to reduce tension and the neurobiological effects of trauma. 
    What are the benefits of TRE? 
    • Reduced anxiety, overwhelm and worry 
    • More sustained, vibrant energy and aliveness 
    • Better sleep 
    • Reduced muscle and back pain 
    • More flexibility and strength in the body 
    • Less triggers, hence better relationship with partners and friends 
    • Reduces symptoms of PTSD and trauma 
    • Increase in emotional resilience and stability 
    What to bring: 
    Wear comfortable clothes, a yoga mat, water bottle, notebook, if you need a light snack.