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    April 20, 2022 1 min read

    Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Retreat:

    Yogashala (YogaShala.cl)Santiago Chile & Canal Om (Canalom.cl), North of Santiago, Chile.

    One of the most fascinating yoga retreat events I’ve led to date. Hosted by the gracious, talented Gustavo Ponce. Students from all over South America collaborated for the event began with Ashtanga Yoga Mysore practice for a month and ending with an extended retreat at the beautiful retreat center Canal Om, Chile.

    The Yoga Shala in Santiago is a magnificent design in architecture with all the amenities one could desire in a yoga shala. As much as I enjoyed the energy of the Yoga Shala in Santiago the retreat center Canal Om was where the magic happened for me.

    Be raised on the beaches of Southern California and now being almost exactly at the same latitude as San Diego but on the other side of the equator was the ideal place for me to be myself and teach the practice.

    Please take the time to view their websites listed above :)

    Thank You Gustavo Ponce for your generous hospitality.

    Dennis Dean