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    May 20, 2022 1 min read

    You are the Telescope

    I remember the firstvision I drew out on paper. I can see myself as I was then, looking up at the blue sky seated outside on a long bench with many other very excited kids, knowing that soon it would be dark and I would be able to see the stars again.

    The drawing was simple, the outline of my body, with stars drawn inside. I remember the feeling of accomplishment when I was done. It represented my vision perfectly. I knew it was the way things were.

    On our way home we stopped at a garage sale, it was the early 60's, in L.A...simple kids toys to be had everywhere but for some reason amongst all the toys, I saw exactly what I wanted. A little solid brass buddha statue about 6 inches tall. My mother to whom was 22 at the time just looked down at me with those beautiful eyes. The buddha statue is with me to this day and sits in my shala as it has in all my shalas.

    Now the James Webb space telescope sends back images from billions of light years away but, as many of us know, it is nothing compared to the inner vision of our imaginations.

    The story is in the stars my friends. Dream big and long...

    Much love to you all, Dennis