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    May 08, 2022 2 min read

    Mother's Day ?

    Mother's Day? That seems a little too small for the most important person in the known galaxy.

    Or let me rephrase that to represent my true feelings more accurately... allegory (ian) style.

    It's exhilarating to be part of a civilization that actually has civil, intelligent rules and regulations in place such as our Mother's Sunday, respected around the globe as the most important day of the week & is the only non-optional legally mandated state-enforced weekly holiday worthy of that status.

    And what do our Mothers of the world receive as gifts for everything they represent besides the logically obvious? You know, the logically obvious-deep friendships of love, comfortable housing in a toxic free environment, a sense of purpose and self-worth, food, $. You know the list.

    I know some of you may say, well Dennis that's just not the way it works and I would like to say to you, why the f*** not?

    Having owned and helmed 4 yoga studios with more feminine shakti flying around than most men even dream of in their lifetime, I have seen the dance. The dance is very clear when you have seen and felt it  thousands of times. The feminine shakti dance, and what a beautiful dance it is. A true direct reflection of prana, life force. 

    From the prenatal classes taught by educated talented teachers such as our dear Kelle Rock in the picture below, to the unparalleled outstanding workshops, classes & events taught by Mothers from around the world. 

    We are honored and have the deepest respect-everyday.

    My mother gave birth to me at the age of 16, my brother at 17 and my sister at 18. There was a lot going on as you could imagine, but we could always feel the nurturing caring love in every way from our mother and that love means everything to me.

    I guess I'm just sayin, get it together and seriously do whatever you can for the mothers out there, not just on Mother's Day but everyday, for the rest of your life or die a fool.  

    Just sayin, Carry on…Dennis