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    May 08, 2022 2 min read

    April 22, 2022
    Loving Kindness for Mother Earth

    The action of wisdom is all around us. In our practice we do not forsake this entropy of life but embrace it. Moving forward the best we can with actions of Love, Knowledge and Hope. 

    Do not take this day lightly nor any other. We may laugh and invoke a sense community & love, still knowing that we have a deep responsibility to that which we call earth.  

    To see deeply for Mother Earth

    I am a very sensitive man and many things move me. At 61, the chatoyancy of my mind has changed. It's become clearer, broader, not so layered, more focus but not grasping. I can honestly say this because I have grown much older & have found the time to practice seeing clearly how I have come to have this perception in my life & all its self induced patterned neuroses. 

    For example, one of my few childhood memories was when my mother & father brought us toCardiff State Beach to celebrate Earth Day. It was the firstEarth Day- April 22nd 1970.  I was 10 & I was moved. I distinctly remember feeling my consciousness expanding upon their explanation.They used the seemingly infinite expanse of the beach as a visual to help me understand the importance ofSenator Gaylord Nelson's insightful move and for that I am grateful. The simple but profound innate pedagogical skills my parents used with me were life changing. Now as I reflect I can use that experience as a point of reference. Powerful-

    The Practice

    I would like to suggest that we take a moment to evoke the powerful creative nature in all of us.

    To use our collective consciousness to spread life confirming love throughout our resilient but tired blue mother earth. 

    I would like to invite all sentient beings to participate in this non-sectarian meditation of loving kindness also known as the Meta Meditation.

    - Evoke an image of yourself being fully loved by yourself. Feel this love empirically.

    - Evoke an image of someone you would like to share this love with. Feel this love empirically.

    - Evoke an image of mother earth having love showered down upon her. Feel this love empirically.


    Much Love to all, carry on... Dennis