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    July 22, 2019 1 min read

     Best practiced with a sense of humor.

    Often used as a transitionary posture, this elegant creature can be used as a stand alone as well.
    With many variations and ways of entering into the posture, it can be equally approached by the beginner and the advance practitioner.

    Often like so many balancing postures one will usually begin by using brute strength to get into the posture and stay in the posture but through a dedicated consistent practice the body will release the constant use of the large muscle masses and their “unbalanced daily patterning”, engage the intrinsic deep muscles, allowing them to interweave with each other to create what I like to refer to as the “yoga body.” A body that can effectively activate the inner thighs, pull that activation up through the pelvic floor, tie it into the the paralaterals along the spine, right up through the crown of the head. With this one can begin the lift the body right off the wrist and straighten the arms. Happy New Year everyone! With a deep bow-

    Photo Credit: Robin Robertis @robinrobertis